How to Clean the Lining of Your Purse

How to Clean the Lining of Your Purse

Keeping your purse free of dirt and grease is essential to it’s longevity. To keep your favourite purse looking it’s best for as long as possible, it is important to take proper care of it and, whenever it is necessary, to give it a thorough cleaning.

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Most people are mainly concerned with keeping the exterior of the purse in top shape, since this is the part that will be visible, paying little attention to the inside. Keep in mind that with the variety of objects carried in your purse such as lipstick, mascara and pens, the interior of your purse is actually more exposed to potential blemishes. Since it is an enclosed space, and much of the dirt that gets in won’t come out unless you do something about it, the interior of your purse will also accumulate dust and dirt over time.

In this article you will find tips on how you can keep the interior of your purse looking great and how to properly clean it when needed.

How to Keep the Lining of Your Purse Clean

Similar to the exterior of your purse, the best way to keep the interior of your purse clean and looking new is to use preventative measures. The most likely items that can dirty, or even damage, the interior of your purse are makeup, pens, food and drinks. Here are some tips on how to avoid a disaster with these common items:

  • Keep cosmetics in a makeup bag  – With so many different cosmetic items that are typically carried in a purse, the inside of your purse is exposed to one of those items breaking open every time you set your purse down or bump into something. Keeping cosmetics in a makeup bag will contain a potential disaster from ruining the inside of your purse.

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  • Pens and markers can leak – Pens and markers will begin to leak if they are exposed to a high enough temperature, which can easily be reached inside your purse. If you must carry it in your purse, try putting them inside some sort of protective casing, or putting them in one of the smaller pockets to minimize the potential damage that can occur.
  • Keep food and drinks out of your purse We all know how tempting it can be to put your lunch leftovers in your purse, but this is a horrible idea for two reasons. First, the aroma from your food will stick to the interior of your purse which, depending on what you ate, may not be the ideal way you’d like your purse to smell. Second, if this food or drink ends up spilling, you will have a disaster on your hands which can be very difficult to clean, or worse, permanently damage the purse.

How to Clean the Interior of Your Purse

Following the tips above will help you minimize the amount of times you need to clean the interior of your purse, but to really keep it in pristine condition, you will eventually have to give your purse lining a good clean. Here are some quick steps on how to properly do this:

  • Take everything out, turn it upside down and shake it – Over time there will be small debris that gets lost in your purse and will eventually build up. by turning it upside down and shaking the purse you should get rid of most of this debris. This should always be done before thoroughly cleaning the inside of your purse.
  • Find an appropriate cleaning solution – Choose a fabric cleaner that will safely clean the fabric that your purse lining is made of and soak a sponge in this solution. You can either buy one at a store or simply use a small amount of laundry detergent mixed with warm water.

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  • Clean the lining of your purse – This step depends on how to lining of your purse is constructed:
    • Option 1 – If you can turn your purse lining inside out, do so and place a dry hand towel under the lining. Begin scrubbing the lining gently, allowing the towel to absorb any moisture that seeps through. After giving it a thorough clean, let it dry completely. Point a fan at it helps with the drying process.
    • Option 2 – If your purse lining can not be turned inside out, follow a similar step to option 1 except make sure to squeeze out as much water as possible from the sponge before you begin scrubbing. When you are finished giving the lining a good scrub, stuff some small dry towels into the purse for at least one hour to absorb all the moisture. Just in case, leave the handbag open overnight to make sure it dries completely.