Designer Purse Care Tips

Designer Purse Care Tips

Considering the amount of hard earned cash that can go into buying your favourite designer purse, you should do some research on how to properly care for your new favourite accessory. Dust, dirt, spills, grease, wrinkles and tears are all common problems that people encounter with their new purses and, if not taken care of properly, can severely compromise the integrity of your new designer handbag.

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If you want to keep your favourite purse looking it’s best, be sure to follow these simple tips to avoid all the common mistakes that most people make when handling their handbag.

Tip 1: Protect the outer material of your purse

Your purse will be exposed to many damaging factors throughout it’s lifetime such as inclement weather, dust in the air, food spills and many more. To minimize the chances of these external forces damaging the elegant look of your purses exterior, protect it by using some sort of leather or suede protecting product.

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These usually come in the form of sprays or polish and must be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Be sure to get an application that is suitable for your purses material and before applying it to the entire purse, try it on a small patch to make sure it doesn’t damage the material in any way.

Tip 2: Be cautious of where you place your purse

High end purses are usually made out of delicate materials that must be taken care of properly. When you are in a situation that you need to put down your purse, for example eating lunch at a restaurant, make sure that where you place your purse is free of anything that can potentially harm it. The best place to rest your purse would be on a vacant seat or hanging from your chair or coat hanger. Do not make the mistake of placing it on the ground as this is a sure way to attract harmful debris to the exterior of your purse.

Tip 3: Store your purse properly

Chances are you have more than one purse to choose from and as such you will often have to store your favourite handbag to be used mainly for special occasions. Here are some recommendations for storing your purse safely:

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  • Avoid simply tossing it into your closet as this can ruin the shape of your purse. Make sure you store it in an upright position.

  • Use a purse insert, some tissue paper or small pieces of clothing to help your purse keep it’s original shape.

  • Insert your purse into a dust bag or cotton pillow case to ensure that it will not be in direct contact with any dirt or dust in your closet which can build up quickly.

  • If you want to avoid moisture build up on your purse while it is being stored make sure to never store it in a plastic or vinyl bag. Making this mistake can cause trapped moisture to accumulate on your purse which can eventually become a big problem, especially if mould begins to grow on it.

  • For long term storage, unclip any buckles that your purse has and remove the straps to make sure that they don’t get damaged or leave any unwanted marks.

Tip 4: Do not handle your purse with dirty hands

Properly handling your purse means avoiding any dirt or grime that can build up on it. An often overlooked way that purses get damaged is through the dirt and oils that may be present on your hands before touching your purse. Make sure that your hands are clean and free of any creams or oils before touching your purse to prevent any unwanted stains.

Tip 5: Remove stains as soon as they appear

It is almost impossible to protect your purse from stains forever. If your purse has stains that are too tough for you to handle, take it to a purse cleaning expert, but if it is something you can clean on your own do so at your own risk. Here are some common stains that are found on purses and some quick fixes to the problem:

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  • Ink stains – if you have a fresh ink stain, the best method to get rid of it is by lightly rubbing the spot with a white eraser. Do not put too much pressure or you can risk rubbing the stain deeper into the material. If this does not work take your purse to a professional.

  • Food stains – food stains can be removed by applying crushed white chalk to the affected area, letting it sit overnight and brushing it off with a clean cloth the following morning.

  • Oil stains – rubbing cornstarch into the stained area should absorb most of the oil, as long as it is done shortly after the stain appears. After it has been rubbed into the stain, brush it off immediately to get rid of all the oil and cornstarch.

Tip 6: Protect the inside of your purse

Most people are worried about caring for the exterior of the purse since this is the part that is most visible. Keep in mind that the inside of your purse should also be taken care of to keep it in it’s best form. The most recommended practice by purse care professionals is to use protective shields inside of your purse to reduce the risk of spills or tears to your purse lining. For example, using a pouch or case to carry all your makeup, pens or other liquids will help keep the inside of your purse intact from spills and rips.